7 things to do while shifting into new house

7 things to do while shifting into new house:
   I recently moved into new apartment. Its bigger place then my previous one. Each time, I move into new apartment I face many problems. So, I made small checklist which I go through before moving out.

Checklist goes as following: 

1) Clean your old apartment:

Before you move into new apartment make sure you have cleaned your one. Make sure you have cleaned it properly. This will have positive impact on your previous owner.Owner will return your security deposit without deductions.
2) Checklist: 

You can prepare list on your luggage. Go through the list before you go for transportation so that you don't miss any item. Once you reach at new accommodation once again check the list just to make sure you have everything as it is as it was before.
3) Mode of transportation:
Select transportation based on your luggage size. Make sure that it is enough for your luggage. The vehicle should not be too big as it will unnecessarily increase transp…

Why Dogs are best pet ever....

Why Dogs are best pet ever....

Photo by Savs on Unsplash
Few years back, when I was 10 years old I brought a couple of months old pup to my house. Those were one of best days of my life. I remember that days when "Tutun" came in my life. I used to wash her, feed her, take her for walk and even clean her poop (My mom was shocked ). I was very food of her.

So, I feel dos are the best pet that one can have. Dogs are very friendly and cute. Even a person with stone for heart would fall in love with dogs. Dogs have superpower to make everyone fall in love with them.

Here are reasons why dogs are best pets ever.
Photo by Marion Michele on Unsplash
Dogs are naive. One can say so by looking at facial expression. Dogs will do any thing for you in return of nothing. 

Photo by Marion Michele on Unsplash
I bet dogs have the cutest face of all animals. No matter how bad day you had once you are home your dog will cheer you up. 

Warli Paintings


I love warli paintings. I first came to know about warli paintings in school days. We decorated main entrance of school with warli paintings. The walls were yellow at top and brown at bottom. Beautiful warli paintings in white colour were drawn on brown part of wall. It was awesome. The paintings  were about the public gatherings. It is symbolof harmony between human being and nature.
Warli paintings belongs to a warli tribe located near Maharashtra. This art was developed in 1700 century and still is in trend. Close to nature, warli tribe developed this patterns by absorbing surrounding environment.
The patterns consist of shape like circle, triangle , rectangle and so on. Every shape symbolize a natural element. For example circle symbolizes sun and moon, triangle represents mountains while rectangle is piece of land. Warli painting takes you closer to nature.

I have listed 5 ways in which you can use Warli paintings to increase aesthetics of your house.
Earthen po…

Self Independence

Self Independence
More or less we are dependent on our parents, spouses, siblings or friends for our daily chores. Self Independence means doing your work on your own without depending on others. Stop relying on others as it is unhealthy.  Even though you have help you should be determined to do on your own. 

Photo by Robert Bye on Unsplash
why it is necessary to be self independent.
Makes you Tough

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Initially it is difficult to be on your own but its worth it. Self dependency will make you tougher. It ill bring best out of you. Any way dependent life is not worthy. You stop expecting form others and try harder to deal with situation that will make anything but tough.
Survival in any situation 

Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash
When you do your daily chores on your own, you learn to survive in any situation. No Matter how bad life gets you will pass it. You would be fine no matter where your life takes you. 
Mental health

Home remedy for cough...

Home remedy for cough....
No one can predict weather these days for sure. Due to globalization and industrialization climate is changing drastically, consequences of which is global warming. Now a days summer are longer and shorter winter. The season cycle is disturbed.
This affects health of children, elders and everyone. Today I have you brought for you a home remedy which my mother taught me. She inherited this remedy from her mother. for this all you need is garlic and ginger.
Wash ginger thoroughly. Then clean it and pill it properly. take 3 petals of garlic and an inch long piece of ginger. Grind both in a mortar and pestle. Stop after fine paste is form. Rinse it and consume one table spoon of juice ( only juice).
It taste insanely hot. If you want, take some sugar immediately after consuming juice it will help a lot to bear the taste.You may ask me why go through trouble when you are already suffering through cough. Well I will only say I the end its all worth it.